Conquer the semester

Academic Coaching


Lee de Picciotto

“Most students have never been taught how to study and the strategies they devise on their own don’t work.”
– Valerie Strauss, education writer


My name is Lee and I’m an academic coach. I work with students who want to equip themselves with a powerful set of tools to succeed in their academic lives and beyond.

School can be a struggle

Let’s take a close look at your classes and how things are going so far. If you’re between semesters, go back in time for a moment and remember your last semester!

  • How are your grades so far?
  • How are your stress levels?
  • Are you able to sit down and get schoolwork and studying done when you need to?
  • How do you “study” for a test?
  • Do you have PROOF that you know the necessary info before the test begins?
  • How do you stay organized with all of your school material and online portals?
  • How do you stay on top of due dates, test dates, after-school commitments, and more?
  • Do you have a solid gameplan for the next test? How about a gameplan for the whole semester?

Let's talk about your goals

And how we can reach them.
Let’s try out new tools and see which are a great fit.
Let’s work on habits, consistently.

Let’s start developing a mastery in skill sets which can empower you take the next steps forward:

  • Effective Note taking
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Exam preparation & strategic studying
  • Keeping procrastination at bay
  • Staying focused & avoiding distractions
  • And more

What's next?

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