Coaching with Lee

What is Academic Coaching?

To sum it all up in a sentence, I help students learn how to get their stuff done and stay on top of everything in their academic lives!

You might also check out this page written by my mentor, Gretchen Wegner. She is the creator of The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying, an e-course full of excellent tools to help a student revolutionize their study strategies, time management, organization, and a lot more.

The Anti-Boring Approach is at the core of my academic coaching methodology. Complimentary access to this course is included in all of my coaching packages.

We are scientists

We collect data. We analyze it. We discuss it. We track habits and grades over time. We find patterns, correlations, and causations. Sometimes we draw conclusions.

We troubleshoot

We identify problems and discuss ways to potentially solve them. We experiment with new tools, new techniques, and new strategies. Over time, we see what works and what doesn’t.

We build a great toolbox

Those tools, techniques, and strategies we tried out are added to our “toolbox” if they are a good fit, or set aside if they aren’t.

The stronger our toolbox is, the more effective and efficient we are. What kinds of tools will we find in there?

  • Effective study tools which enable us to PROVE that we know our stuff before the test is even in front of us.
  • Effective time management tools which make our time visible, enabling us to set up a great schedule, complete with appointments, commitments, due dates, test dates, reminders, and more.
  • Anti-procrastination tools
  • Focus / anti-distraction tools
  • Advanced note-taking methods
  • Effective organizational methods for your binder, your backpack, and your materials at home
  • Commitment / Accountability systems
  • And much more

We set goals

Long-term, short-term, or anything in between. We stay mindful of these goals, through the ups and downs of the semester.

We develop gameplans

For tests, for the semester, and more.

We notice what’s working and what isn’t. We notice when there are issues with follow-through, with execution, or with the plan itself. 

We build great habits

And work on shedding habits that aren’t serving us.

We build confidence out of success

Isn’t it a great feeling to do better than you did in the past, or to exceed your own expectations?

We learn how to coach ourselves

So that we can benefit from all of this,  throughout our academic lives and well beyond it.

Please check out the FAQ for more details on how coaching works!